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We love to work with children of all ages.  Children are not small adults.

They have no history of experience – they are making history all the time.  It is critical to allow them to experience, explore and experiment within safe borders. 

They have no knowledge of “good” and “bad”, other than what their taste buds, tongues, fingers and what their parents tell them. Parents have a responsibility to keep them safe, provide variety, and teach them healthy living through example.

Eating is essential for growth and development in children.   It should be a fun way to safely explore the world.

  • We offer breastfeeding or bottle feeding information
  • Weaning
  • Healthy food matters
  • Toddler food wars
  • Manners matter – age appropriately
  • Medical conditions requiring intervention
  • We believe that it is very important to work with the parents, according to their home beliefs,  and own schedules and commitments.


Nurturing the family through healthy, happy mealtimes sets a strong foundation for life.


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